Retail Shop


Find the industry's leading Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories at great prices. We strive to get you what you need, when you need it. Unlike other firearm retailers, at FDT there is no compromise when it comes to setting the highest levels in industry standards in Quality and Customer Service. Try us, you won’t be disappointed. 

Custom Builds


 Functionality, Aesthetics & Service. Get dressed up and enjoy an elevated firearm experience. Let our custom build team craft a custom platform that meets not only your needs, but exceeds your wants and desires with exciting new industry products and techniques that will fit your classic or modern style. 

Armory Services


Fix, Replace or Upgrade parts and accessories on all your platforms with the comfort and assurance of knowing that your firearm is in the hands of some of the most experienced gunsmiths and armorers available. We’ll have your firearm back to operational order, or better, so you can get back to putting rounds down range.

Basic Familiarization Course (BFC)


The Basic Familiarization Course is designed for beginner shooters to acquire the basic knowledge, understanding, fundamental skills and confidence to safely and effectively own and operate a personal firearm.

License To Carry Course (LTC)


The LTC Course allows an eligible citizen to legally conceal carry or open carry a handgun in areas that it is allowed. Students are required to receive classroom instruction, pass a written exam and pass a shooting proficiency exam to be eligible to apply for a LTC.

Reactive Shooting Course (RSC)


It's time to step out of your comfort zone and touch on some practical exercises that will help you maintain or improve your ability to accurately and effectively fire your weapon under the duress of external pressures such as physical movement, elevated heart rate and time. Shooters will engage a series of targets composed of stationary, dynamic, reactive and steel when exposed to confined shooting areas, windows and doors while ensuring to maintain cover/concealment during engagements and movements.




Do you have a need for a Benefit or Fundraising Event for your Special Organization? 

Firearms and accessories are among the nations leading products to optimize an organization's efforts to raise funds. FDT can provide FIrearms, Firearms Accessories, Transfer Services and Instructional Class Packages for your event. School organizations, booster clubs and similar organizations may be eligible for discounts on event services.